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Rutgers Scarlet Knights versus Providence College

January 10, 2001 Providence, Rhode Island

Davalyn is introduced.

Coaches Lawler and Yonkman draw up a play.

Mandakova Clark shoots a jumper.

Coach Stringer was not happy with the play of her team.

The Knights go back on the court after a timeout.

Davalyn puts her trademark defense on Chrissy Vozab of Providence.

Davalyn Cunningham at the line.

Kourtney Walton shoots a jumper.

Linda Miles demonstrates why she can be an offensive weapon for the Knights.


Rutgers defiently needed an answer while losing to PC.

The Coaches set up a play for Kourtney Walton's game winner.

The Coaches and players are not happy with their play.

Coach Stringer rallies the troops.

Tasha Pointer shoots.

Everyone fights for the rebound.

The shot goes up...Everyone crashes the boards.

Everyone fights for the rebound.

Tasha controls the offense.

Scarlet Knights in a timeout.

Coach Stringer tells the Knights what to do...and is right.

The Knights regroup themselves.

Tammy Sutton-Brown at the line.

Tammy Sutton-Brown towers over Providence.